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Developing a design concept

Design concept aims to:

●       determine goals in reorganizing the space (e.g. organize work-room, kids’ playroom, prepare for a new member of the family, make an additional guest bathroom, etc.),

●       after setting goals, the designer develops a floor-plan, coordinates with the client, and  then prepares working drawings.

Working drawings are a set of schematics, necessary for builders to calculate  prices and implement  project ideas (which walls to demolish and erect, where exactly the new wires should go, exact way of finishing walls, floors, etc.)

планировка квартиры, расстановка мебели, план расстановки, зонирование пространства, дизайнер интерьера, чертежи, чертеж, план этажа, дизайн-проект
Стилевое решение
стилевое решение, стилистическое решение, колористическое решение, дизайнер интерьера, подбор материалов, подбор цветов, разработка стилевого решения, разработка цветового решения

Developing stylistic solutions / Concept Board / sketchs

During this stage the interior designer:

  • Develops a color scheme of the new interior

  • Chooses prototypes of interior materials, light fixtures, furniture, textiles, structures information about the rooms

  • Displays necessary materials in collages for every room for the client.


3D визуализации


Creation of highly realistic 3D visualizations

It’s fairly hard to imagine the design concept in real life, let alone to figure out how you will feel in the redesigned space even after receiving completed working drawings and collages with fully developed stylistic solutions. Before massive renovations and substantial costs clients want to be sure that everything will be done according to their expectations.

For that to happen 3D visualizations are created in several stages:

  • black and white 3D visualization drafts of the rooms to finalize the geometry of the space ans the camera's views.

  • colored 3D visualizations with actual textures according to the design concept and developed stylistic solution

  • Final 3D

Real Estate Consultant in French Riviera, Antibes, VLADISLAVA KOLOSOVA


Real Estate Consultant at Keller Williams Vision

Keller Williams Realty is the main international leader in real estate market, founded in 1983 in USA by Gary Keller, with more then 200 000 membres and 1 000 Market Centers (a unique model in France). Keller Williams went international in 2012. Presented now in several EU countries and also in Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Southern Africa, Vietnam, Argentina, etc.

So let me can guide you for searching, investment, renovation, to estimate and sell ou buy your (future) apartment or house / villa based in French Riviera or around.

Just send me a message and let's have a talk about your project and your needs or check my website!

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