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  • Type of clients we work with
    We work a lot in a collaboration and in the partnership with other businesses: - Construction companies - Manufacturers - Architects - Real Estate Agencies We create a project team for each project and ask other professionals to participate if needed (climatisation, government confirmation, other specific companies and structures). Working with B to B and B to C.
  • For which kind of projects clients could engage us?
    Mostly we works on private houses / villas, but also has experience to realize commercial spaces : restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Project's geographic
    We are working on the projects placed in Europe (mainly in France, but also had several projects realized in Belgium) and Monaco. We work a lot remotely by organizing conferences via Internet. It brings us and to you a possibility to realize the project in a comfortable way. For the first intervention we insist to visit a project and to see it in real to avoid a lot of difficulties of misunderstanding further. If necessary we engage a construction company (one of your verified partners)

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